Date: 2016-05-03 09:18 am (UTC)
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Zane had been watching Peter for days. The only time he didn't have eyes on him was during the school day. Often at a distance, waiting and watching. Most of his jobs had him stealing artifacts or leaving people dead in either obvious and meaningful ways or ways that they'd never be found. He was very good at his job.

Kidnapping was something else entirely. He'd done it before and knew it took a great deal of planning. But his employer was impatient. Some things never change. He wasn't sure if Osiris remembered him from their days in college, being bribed into stealing test answers. He had no doubt that the older boy had been trying to set him up for a fall, but there was nothing to be done once the papers were handed over. Zane had been so different then. Meek and mild, quiet to a fault. Always fearful of the older students. My, how things change.

He liked to tell himself that he didn't watch Peter at school to keep a low profile. A man, alone, in his late forties, prowling around high school grounds would draw suspicion. It had nothing to do with the twinge in his stomach or the lurch of his heart. Reminders of emotions he'd once had. But they didn't bother him, now. He had other things to worry about. Like why Osiris had sent him after a teenager in the middle of nowhere. This specific teenager. "He has something I need," was all Osiris offered. "Bring him back alive."

And now, he was receiving impatient texts. What's taking so long? If you've found him, why haven't you taken him? I expect you back here within 24 hours.

Demanding prick.

At least the middle of the woods meant no witnesses. He'd found no other sure place to make this happen. Peter went between home and school. At school, there were far too many witnesses. At home, there was that woman. It would be better if he could corner the boy, but he'd yet to find an option. So he stopped being careful, let his footsteps make more sound, a careless series of crunches.

"You know..." he said, slowly. "...I heard those things can kill you."
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